Москва ул. Казакова, 7

Fusion for big family in Anosino

How to find a compromise when mom wants coziness, warmth and interesting designer things, dad wants a minimalistic and clean look, and son - just wants to close himself in a room and play a console? That's right, create an interior that meets each of the needs of all family members and creates a unique cocktail of the coziest colors and minimalist materials.

English Quarter in Anosino met us in the cold winter of last year, while the house was still under construction, and found in our person not only a designer, but also the author's supervision. In this house will gather guests, organize noisy parties and home parties, as well as each member of the family will find its own quiet harbor and a place for rest and comfort.

The house has many areas for relaxation, it is a movie theater, and hookah room and hammam. This is a full-fledged dwelling, in which the family will spend every day, although the house is located outside the city on Novorizhskoye highway.

Let's start the excursion on the object from the attic floor. The highest point of the house - is occupied by the son, and his room, which looks like an intergalactic ship, which was remodeled for himself by a modern designer. There is a place for chill-out and sleeping, as well as for studying and entertaining. A whole floor at the boy's disposal - teaches him from an early age to appreciate what you have and to know how to use the space properly, as well as to keep such a huge room clean. The son's bathroom - in futuristic theme, with neon lights and transparent shower cabin - coincides in style with the parents' bathroom (only unlike it, the son's bathroom looks more cheerful).

There are three bathrooms in the house: the children's, the parents' and the guest's, and each has a clear Art Deco look with its copper facets and surfaces, as well as gold elements.

The house also has a gym, as all family members keep fit and exercise three times a week. Now fitness has become not only a favorite, but also close, because to do sports you do not even have to leave the walls of your home.

The house responds mainly to the modern stylistics, with a small infusion of art deco (in details).

In each room is necessarily present gold color, which can not be called cozy, as well as minimalist, but it - connects the whole interior together, spilling a golden band throughout the house, from the first floor to the third-mansard.

The parents' room is a noble green emerald color with a suspended chandelier made of many luminous spheres, repeats the chandelier - a chaotic panel on the wall, the same scattering of petals. In the guest room - noble emerald is replaced by the color of a gentle sea wave, and again you can observe the golden facets that add geometry to the space of the room located on the wall.

One of the main meeting places (when the movie is boring and you don't want a hookah) is the living room. It is made in cozy beige shades, with a splash of gold and marble, spherical lamps both in the kitchen and in the living room - set a soft relaxing atmosphere and scatter light neatly throughout the space.

The interior also has echoes of ultra-modernity in the form of transparent chairs and an electric fireplace.

In general, the interior turned out to be modern, calm, where each of the members will find a cozy corner for any of their moods. Laugh in the movie theater, sink in the kitchen, cutting onions and will be as happy as possible - in his new home. And we are happy when our customers are smiling.