Москва ул. Казакова, 7

Avant-garde classics

What if the customer wants a classic interior with a highlight? Take a chance!

In the house of our client, an eccentric admirer of Chinese culture, Russian avant-garde painting, Soviet classicism and French avant-garde, a risky mix was made.

The art of the 20th-century avant-gardists permeated the history of classical-Chinese style relationships and became a vivid addition to the whole interior space.

Getting into the living space, immediately find yourself in the circle of bright colors.

In the living room is a white architectural background, as a canvas for outstanding interior items such as: bright lacquered drawers in the Chinese style, decorative partition a la Russ, avant-garde paintings. In general, all these elements create a unique interior ensemble, suitable for the bright personality of the customer.

In the kitchen area, they played avant-garde and created sketches for an apron in the style of ceramic panel Fernand Leje, whose art became an inspiration for the entire project.

The bedroom turned out incredibly fascinating. Like a lace above the headboard, a golden ganch was arranged. Turn harsh and unyielding metal into air and openwork fence between zone rest and bedroom. The avant-garde pattern, appearing on the furniture and frieze, assemble the interior into a single unit. The classical elements, which are loosely arranged on the walls, seem to be playing each other in this complex space.

The theme of the interior takes us to a time when people valued the external beauty of the interior, and not only convenience and functionality. Now, in the era of glass and concrete, forged elements, ganch, carved friezes, man-made ceramic panels, paintings look unusual, poetic and fascinating...