Москва ул. Казакова, 7


The bright white interior for our male customer was completed in a very short time, and the construction was started immediately. When a person knows exactly what he wants, staying late is a crime against his dream.

Large strokes, modern laconic furniture, a minimum of black spots - nothing superfluous. There are only accents in the interior that emphasize the individuality of our customer. For example: green color, which can be traced in textiles, decor and plants.

The panels in the living areas are fronts for cabinets, thus we achieve clean, even walls, but at the same time preserve the functionality of the rooms. Furniture fronts continue the interior with their smoothness, austerity and brevity, and even sofas - on light legs add air.

Columns, which are part of the supporting structure of the building (in the study and guest bedroom) we dissolved in the space with the help of mirrors.

Since the apartment has a view, three walls are completely panoramic. The house on Tsvetnoy has one-piece facade glazing, and we put the second contour of glazing with blackout smart-glass. We are installing the same smart glass between the living room and the study. So that if someone wants privacy, they can easily do it by darkening the space on the living room side. When the partition with the blackout function switched off, the effect of open space is created.

The tranquility of a minimalist interior in a view apartment with a beautiful view of the center of Moscow, in which it is pleasant both to work (no distracting elements) and to relax.