Москва ул. Казакова, 7


Exquisite Art Deco style chic is the choice of people who are dynamic and confident in their taste. They have a habit of approaching any task with great enthusiasm. And if we happen to cooperate with such client, the work goes easily and quickly. Yes, this design was produced in record time - largely due to the business seriousness with which the client came to us. The designer had to his strict guidance in creating the sketches, and then to realize them as accurately as possible.

We used expensive "high-status" materials for finishing , which look very presentable, but at the same time as natural as possible - wood, natural leather, marble....

The color scheme is dominated by shades of brown, the most common color in the design of interiors with a masculine character. The design of the bedroom may give the mistaken impression that it is intended for a mature person - in fact, it is a children's room. Or rather - the room of a stylish teenager, who already has a clear idea of what he wants and what he aspires to.

To ensure that the appearance of the interior meets the owners' ideas of interior aesthetics, we have selected the most elegant furniture, textiles and accessories - and the highlight of this "cocktail" was vintage decor: old photos in frames, in their color scheme repeating the gamut of the overall composition of the design.

Location: "Constellation Capital"