Москва ул. Казакова, 7


She told us with a thin and melodious female voice from the doorstep: - LOFT! A tough loft, the toughest as it can be possible. Which is surprising for such a fragile woman, an exemplary mother of two children (3 and 18 years old). The owner of the room. It was said - done. To work on the target request of the client, adding from themselves gloss and sophistication - our main pleasure. The framework does not upset, but on the contrary, cheers up our minds, offering reasons for every minute brainstorming 24/7.

"What if..." came out of our mouths throughout the project and was immediately agreed upon with the client.

This was how the paintings in the bathrooms were coordinated - pop art framed with gold baguette. And the chandelier in the parents' bedroom, and every other chandelier in our project, not similar to anything else, and seemingly not fitting into the overall stylization. But that's the point, to combine the incongruous, to see and feel the intangible. Colors, gradients, tones and halftones - it's hard to count them in this loft mix. Dark gray and black are the main leitmotifs of the object. Saturated bright details add sophistication and relevance to the space. The combination of colors and textures allows the brain to drown in imagination and every day to discover new facets of the interior. Detailed elaboration of every centimeter of space - allowed us to create a dream interior against all odds. Despite the husband's entreaties to add gold, despite the mistress's persistent belief that loft is brick and concrete, we created an ideal dwelling for the family, which we will keep in our memory forever.