Москва ул. Казакова, 7

Greek-style interior in the Residential Complex "Heritage"

When you think of Greece, what associations come to mind? Olives, cheese, the sea, a verdant landscape and fresh air. A young married couple with two daughters approached our studio with a firm intention to create a Greek-style interior, but adding a bit of loft to it.

Opening the door of the apartment - you get to Greece, with its columns and a variety of blue. Even the front door says: "Relax, you are on vacation".

Let's start our journey through the apartment with the hallway. Sunny yellow, sea blue, and Greek white create an atmospheric chord and divide the room into three parts, with the brightly colored areas being portals to the daughters' bedrooms and the white to the parents' room.

The room of the youngest daughter is kept in gentle shades, soft flowing and rounded interior elements are combined with the colors that nature has awarded us, but in a softened version - it is both lettuce, and blue, and pale yellow. The bed on the second floor is a favorite children's adventure: it is the coolest place to play hide-and-seek, and a small girlish corner, where on the first floor - located soft pouffe, in which it is so nice to lie down with a book. The work desk, located by the window, attracts natural light.

Did you notice the unusual door to the nursery? Yes. It's double. Like a door to a toy room that will remind your child of the fairy tale that goes on in the room every day.

The eldest daughter's room is decked out in shades of blue. Like a journey to the sea for the next 15 years. In this room, growing up will take place very gently - it's girly, yet feminine, with a marble accent wall. The pendant chandelier seems to have descended from Wonderland and diffuses a magical shimmering light. Hiding toys, you can safely say: "This is the room of a real lady".

There are two bathrooms in the apartment: one is blue, the other white, with a green shade in the shower cabin and a moral line behind the mirror.

Bathroom and shower: one for long foam parties and the other for quick pick-ups for work.

Moving on to the parents' bedroom suite, where we used clear zoning. On the balcony is a workstation, which is separated from the sleeping area by a wooden partition. The zone of rest and sleep - literally glowing, shimmering like the Aegean Sea. The room is filled with white light and geometric lines on parallel walls. In general, the calm interior is diluted by the greenery of plants, which our couple was so inspired by when they were in Greece and brought the inspiration for the interior from there.

The main gathering place for the whole family is the kitchen-living room - a united space, but with clear zoning. The cruiser-sized yellow sofa in the living room area is bright and sunny. And, notice how we managed to add the declared "loft" style - brick walls and lamps, as well as unusual transparent chairs that add art-house style to the whole picture. The zones are separated from each other by a glass partition and a TV cabinet. In the kitchen you can see elements of antiquity, but in a modern version.

A bright luminous panel and an art portrait on the wall add a bit of boldness to the interior, which from the painting flows onto the wall and remains there as a bright plum stain. So that every incoming guest asks, "Is this how it's meant to be?".

That's the plan. Each of the elements is in its place and makes up a single style, as exclusive and unique as the customers themselves.