Москва ул. Казакова, 7

Scandinavian Spaces №2 in the Residential Complex "Italian Quarter"

Scandinavian tropics located over a mile from the Kremlin on an area of 150 sq. . «In the heart of Moscow? How?»: ask you.

It’s simple. Elite real estate, green territory and His Majesty the Italian Quarter have hidden in themselves a tender, soft and at the same time not devoid of enthusiasm tropical apartment.

The Scandinavian-style tones are muted and calm, blending with mint and decor and pink interior elements.

The apartment is supposed to be for rent, that is, to visit the tropics, without leaving the boundaries of the third transport ring and you can.

Interior stone, natural wood, transparent shower in architectural performance will make you feel in the coastal zone of the Atlantic Ocean, while enjoying all the amenities of the modern world, whether it is air conditioning or TV.

The project uses only environmentally friendly materials and luxury furniture.

If you live in the tropics - then with comfort!

Location: LCD Italian Quarter

General. pl.: 150 m. sq.

Area: 120 sq.m.

Author of the project: Maria Borovskaya