Москва ул. Казакова, 7

Abundance of decor in an apartment on Leninsky Avenue

What to do when after a hard day's work you want to plunge into the sea, but you have to stand for hours in traffic on the way home. Of course to reflect your dreams and desires in the interior. Any of your ideas , even the most unusual, are easily turned into opportunities.

Nothing is impossible for the design of Maria Borovska’s studio Do you want to go to the sea without having to fly far?

So, we begin the journey.

Here is the shimmering sea, golden sand and bright sun.

The leitmotif of this design project was the blue color, sometimes deep and saturated as the sea, sometimes light, as on the Caribbean coast. The golden sand in the design project is a light, sand-colored floor, with marble elements reminiscent of a walk on a wild beach.

Spherical lighting elements remind of the sun, under which you want to bask... And there will always be places to bask, such as the living room with an impeccable turquoise sofa, and two bedrooms with luxury beds, and a large number of soft and varied pillows....

The hallmark of both the seaside and our interior is the immense space that stretches far and wide. We achieved this thanks to glossy surfaces and a large number of mirrors.

We also added exoticism to the interior by introducing expensive silk, rich dark blue poufik with golden sakura branches combined with decorative elements and graphic elements on the floor and on the walls.

Once in the marble-gold hallway, it seems to be of infinite size, because of the mirror portal that leads to the living room and opens up a room for relaxing and cooking.

The children's bedroom for a teenage girl as well as the bedroom for the mother includes bright details without disturbing the harmony of the interior and the calm atmosphere of the room.

And at the end of our journey 120 meters of captivating Art Deco takes us to the seashore... Get ready to relax and enjoy the interior, life and yourself.

Location: Sky Fort Residential Complex

Area: 120 sq.m.