Москва ул. Казакова, 7

Cosmic Space in the Losiny Ostrov Residential Complex

The client's wish was to get an unusual, modern interior.

We decided to use a very popular technique - hexagons - in the design, since diagonals were used in the layout itself. This shape is traced literally in the entire space of the apartment. It can be seen on the floor in the hallway in the form of tiles, and in the complex multi-level ceiling, and in the lamps, and even in the wall decor of mirrors and shelves.

Straight lines of hexagons softened thanks to the smooth bionic shapes of furniture. By the way, the bionic shelving unit, which was custom-made according to the designer's sketches, became an accent in the overall space.

The color scheme also carries a cosmic theme. Purple shades perfectly combine with the cold silver-sand color. And the contrast is added by deep glossy black in the furniture and the same dark line around the perimeter clearly delineating the ceiling line.

Also two mirrored walls additionally refract the space. And mirrored hexagons, detached from the main surface of the wall and illuminated from the inside as if floating in the air, giving the interior even more cosmic look.

Location: Residential Complex "Losiny Ostrov"

Area: 68 sq.m.

Project author: Maria Borovskaya