Москва ул. Казакова, 7


Let's start our journey through the apartment located in the elite Polyanka-44 complex, where Yakimanka is in the palm of your hand and the Tretyakov Gallery can be reached faster than ordering an Americano in a nearby coffee shop. In such an environment, it is difficult for the interior to remain inconspicuous. The interior should correspond to the historical location of the house, as well as to the thoughts of the customer.

The main task before us was to create a clean, light interior, without excesses, but with classical elements and the addition of art deco. To create a light mix and cozy space for the client's life. To match the elements of the styles, while taking into account all the requirements.

No hanging chandeliers, only ceiling chandeliers, the use of metal parts should be reduced to zero, the use of wallpaper (customer's preference), and natural materials. We coped with the task and created a cozy space for life, in which there is a place for life and creativity ...

Throwing a fleeting glance at the interior - you can conclude "it's classic", but going into details, looking at the details another word comes to mind. Eclecticism. A mixture of styles in the softest format. Light, airy, in which even the doors between the living room and kitchen float.

According to the customer's idea, the kitchen-living room should be both merged and separate, so as not to embarrass sitting guests by cooking, but at the same time to create an integral space for rest and cooking. Doors from the Lualdi factory. - have perfectly coped with the task and delimited the interior without making this division rough. The living room - soft, framed by heavy curtains, dense gray color is softened by the drapery of chairs, which seem to have come from the screens where good old movies are shown. The heaviness of the sofa and armchair in the lounge area together with the lightness of the end table and textures in the interior - creates a unique chord that is so similar to our client's thoughts.

Delicate colors together with dense textures of natural materials look more winning than they would separately. Everything needs balance and dosage, our dosage we determined together with the customer, which we are happy about, as each of our projects is a symbiosis of the client and his dreams with our experience, skills and understanding of beauty.

The kitchen is made in light shades of ivory, with columns and moldings - it looks even too classic. As for the kitchen, the customer wanted only Brumal, as he is used to kitchens from this factory. White, clean interior - implies a constant and thorough cleaning of the room, but it did not embarrass the client, but rather on the contrary.

The project used such brands as Cantore, Oasis, Jorgen, Longy, Kokket House, glass inserts in furniture - Reflect.

Natural marble, which can be traced throughout the interior - was a prerequisite of the customer, even despite the difficulties in its maintenance. Artificial stone can never convey all the structural components of natural stone. Marble is used both in bathrooms and in decor.

In the guest bedroom, two beds can be noticed. So that in case of what to expand and sleep in comfort, because guests do not always come in pairs. The master bedroom - not changing the tradition of this project - is both light and airy, but at the same time classic and dense in textures, softened by natural light penetrating into the room on sunny days, and creating a languid romantic atmosphere with closed curtains.

The bathrooms clearly support the Art Deco style, with decorative elements and bronze and gold handles. The bathrooms are fundamentally different, but together with the interior they create a perfect composition.

The cabinet is also made in light colors, allowing you to set the mood for work. Heavy curtains will allow you to hide from the bright light, and the location of the desk and computer - will not use the lamp for reading or working in the daylight. The office also traces elements of art deco, although visually it still resembles the classics.

We do not create interiors, but realize dreams. Our rule and credo.
Classic + Art Deco is an undeniably winning option for such a historic place.