Москва ул. Казакова, 7

The golden facets

In the west of Moscow, in a respectable neighborhood, with a long-established high-level infrastructure, the Mosfilmovsky residential complex is located. A family of two parents and a teenage daughter has settled down in "Mosfilmovsky". A family that loves luxury, sophistication, originality and comfort.

In the apartment we have embodied the most daring expectations of the owners, these are the golden elements of decor, and futuristic, but at the same time the most comfortable chairs. And most importantly, we kept the warmth, home coziness and character of the family.

On an area of 110 square meters we managed to create several parallel universes. This is the living room, which consists of two recreation areas, the parents' bedroom and the bedroom for a growing girl, who only yesterday stopped playing with dolls and tomorrow is ready to conquer the world.

Separately, we would like to note the implicit trapezoidal living room, in one zone of which you can safely seclude yourself with a glass of wine, hide from the bustle of gray everyday life and relax with a view of the capital. In the other zone you can safely organize parties, cultural evenings and movie nights. The symmetry of the living room is absent, creating several independent spaces, allowing you to feel in each corner as in a separate isolated place.

The living room is separated from the entrance hall by a transparent partition, which is supported by a bronze portal and pilasters. The hallway with its multilevel light and accessories welcomes guests and deprives them of indifference.

The hallway is finished with many mirrors, a mirrored cornice, a mirrored wall that breaks the space, making it three-dimensional.

Two bathrooms, textures, decor, the harmony of silver and gold, parents, daughter, coziness, warmth, luxury and comfort, as well as art nouveau and neoclassicism - all this Art Deco in the project of Mosfilmovsky.

Location: Residential Complex "Mosfilmovsky".

Area: 110 sq.m.