Москва ул. Казакова, 7

Shades of gray

For this project in an old Stalinist building consisting of two apartments, gray was chosen as the main color. In the center of the apartment is a spiral staircase made of solid oak with glass air railings. Gray may seem insufficiently expressive, but it is not! It allows you to create an elegant and exclusive interior. Gray, it is only a canvas on which we have laid out a variety of decor elements. Throughout the apartment are delicately bronze elements, they are supported by the warm shade of the floor.

The living room, as well as the whole apartment turned out to be very restrained, nothing superfluous, everything is balanced and only carelessly thrown plaid on the sofa and the chandelier over the table bring imbalance in such a strict and correct lines of the interior.

In the master bedroom gray color is diluted with a decorative "lace" partition. Light, airy, adding uniqueness to the interior, but at the same time fulfilling its main function - space zoning, separating the recreation area from the bedroom.

In the bathroom porcelain stoneware under marble is used, which is skillfully complemented with bronze decorative elements in the floor and on the walls. The decor is supported by sanitary accessories.

The entire apartment is permeated with the severity of gray color. And even the bedroom of the lovely young lady is in gray shades. Elegant sconces are located on the decorative elements on the sides of the headboard. Mirrored nightstands as if dissolved, absorbing all shades of gray.

And nothing in this apartment argues with the main color....

Location: Stalinist house in the Novopeschanaya neighborhood.

Area: 230 sq.m.

Project author: Maria Borovskaya