Москва ул. Казакова, 7

Contemporary design on pogonnom proyezde

Every customer wants to get an ultra-trendy, highly individualized interior - but everyone has their own ideas about the aesthetics of living space. Sometimes the tastes of the designer and the client may not coincide. It happens that masters can even refuse such work, because simply do not know how to go beyond their own style. We know how and love. And with our work we show that freely and comfortably create cozy interiors in any style.

We believe that a designer should be flexible in his style preferences. Only then he will be able to realize the interiors that the customer dreams of. To meet all the requirements that we are put forward, we have to think of every detail, starting from the organization of living space and ending with the selection of finishing materials, furniture and accessories. And here is the result - the interior of this apartment in modern style looks exclusive thanks to the competent selection of decorative elements, the game of color contrasts, originality of shapes and textures.

Project author: Maria Borovskaya