Москва ул. Казакова, 7

Interior for the "Repair School" program

Project: School of Repair

Living room under pink powder

Sergei, Irina's husband, is ready to do anything for his family. IIn this case, his wife asked him to renovate the 18-metre living room. Sergei, of course, replied: "always ready!" and... readily called San Sanych. He invited designer Maria Borovskaya to make the interior, but on the condition that it was not pink. И... oh, horror! - the designer chose pink as the main color, because she considers it the color of romance and purity. However, it is not Maria who lives in the living room, but Irina! And how can Sergei now look into the eyes of his wife? The husband is shocked! Does the designer deliberately go to the conflict? A risky designer, a risky experiment and an aesthetic discovery: pink is not pink!

Room: 18 sq.m.

Project designer: Maria Borovskaya