Москва ул. Казакова, 7


We are always happy when our clients come to us repeatedly.

"Maria, hello, we fall in love with our apartment all over again. Day in and day out. Is it possible to increase the volume of inhaled love?".

We can.
And we are transported to sunny Spain.

Sometimes all you need to be happy is a view of the Mediterranean Sea. And then "click" and you are already sitting on your own terrace in beautiful Marbella and drinking a glass of Dominio de Pingus, while your children, who already have their own children, are swimming in the coastal waves and building sand castles.

To prevent sand castles from happening to her own house, our client turned to Maria Borovska Design Studio.

The main wish was the Mediterranean style - a little muted and calm, multiplied by modern classics, a minimum of dark spots and a maximum of coziness.

By looking at our portfolio, it's easy to guess which customer came to us again. Spoiler: classic "Polyanka/44".

The house in Spain was purchased as a foreign dacha, where lemons, palm trees and bananas will grow. Where you can escape to the sun, for a couple of weeks from the cold Russian climate and busy schedule.

The project uses a lot of wood, mostly walnut. Metal elements are kept to a minimum - our customer does not welcome them, so all metal is used delicately: unobtrusive decor on the walls, chased inserts on the console, brass finishes on the coffee table.

In furniture we used factories: Giorgetti, De Padova, Olivari, Malabar, Cantori, Morelatto, Merediani. Marble - Porcelanosa (all facing of the bathrooms). Sanitary ware - Oasis, Laufen, accessories - Devon&Devon.

All decorative materials, for example on the walls, are close to natural materials, which is typical of more southern maritime interiors.

The client likes large table lamps, so we have massive items of additional lighting in each of the bedrooms. At the same time, the chandelier in the living room did not have to be of an imposing size, as the dwelling is secondary and the ceiling does not have the necessary height.

We used a lot of mirrors as decor, such as the modular ones in the dining table area. Mirrors add their charm to the already exquisite interior.

In each of the rooms we carefully introduced color, diluting sandy beige with dusty blue (in the master bedroom) and muted apple green (in the guest bedroom and living room).

In decorating and finishing of furniture we used ornaments inherent to the Mediterranean style, as well as elements gravitating towards the classics, because our customer is very comfortable to exist in such forms.

The most inspiring place in the house is the outdoor terrace, which is accessible from the master bedroom and living room. The terrace merges with the room thanks to the panoramic windows.

A seating area, a sea view, the first beachfront and you're in paradise.

No, you're in Marbella.

Wake up, good morning, you are happy again.