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Tropics in Sochi

Try to complete or how to create paradise tropics in Sochi, when two people before you could not do it.

In this article we will tell the story of a realized project of a residence in Sochi. The renovation was already in process, as two other designers had already worked on the idea before our studio.

So, in front of us is a house with an area of - 2000 square meters. "I entered the object already after two designers. Two! So the difficulties arose, rather, at them." - thinks Masha.
"It seemed that the designers who worked before me - just mocked. After all, how else can one accept the fact that there are only the things and products mentioned below? And, I wondered, what was their personal difficulty in working on the site?"

It looked something like this:

Wallpaper has been purchased for two rooms The pool has only had the bowl dug, but tile has already been laid on the walls 3. Some light fixtures had been purchased

4. Some furniture was purchased (e.g. for the office).

5. In two rooms wallpaper was already pasted (saved by the fact that these rooms were guest rooms).

6. The kitchen was ready (absolutely not the configuration that the client needed).

7. In the living room on the wall was a marble slab Bidasar Green (and nothing else).

All elements had to be organized to fit into the ideas that Masha and the team were coming up with. Let's get ahead of ourselves - we did it!

The main color emphasis was on textiles. In each room there are color spots of one or another shade (among ourselves in the studio we call them "green room", "burgundy room"), only in the master bedroom we made an accent wall, the panels for which were hand-painted. This room has the most balanced color space possible, and a minimum of bright spots.

Quality is built on trust

The owners couldn't wait to get their dream residence - they were very tired of waiting. When we started working on the project, construction had already been going on for three years. We had a condition of one and a half years. We met it.

The deadline was pressing, and there was not enough time to prepare a complete design project for such a large house. Therefore, many decisions were made on the fly. The process was also complicated by the distance. Project in Sochi. Studio in Moscow. We had to fly to the site every week.

And now about the pluses of the work, and what was done.

8. A customer who agreed with every word and trusted absolutely everything. Such full-fledged trust gives birth to the most individual and soulful interiors.
9. Bidasar green, gently laid by the designer before us- gave a leitmotif to the whole living room, which became a winter garden. Conditions and frameworks-sometimes invigorate and give new twists to the interior that may not have been born otherwise.
10. Masha managed to reveal her "I" in this project completely, precisely because of the trust of the customer. Even though playing in the interior frames and already set compositions.
11. Carte blanche to our taste!

For the customer, the house in Sochi is a country residence for vacation of the whole family, which has three children. Each of the children has already grown up and has their own. Our task was to create a cozy house, but: with an impeccable interior reminiscent of a "first-class hotel" (the client's condition).
"I wanted to create and realize a complete fusion with nature in the interior, as the house is located in a very picturesque place in the city of Sochi. From the window you can observe the riot of colors, which I carefully transferred into the room, emphasizing natural materials" - concludes Maria Borovskaya.