Москва ул. Казакова, 7


The design of the apartment on the 1st Zachatievsky Lane in Moscow is an example of modern architectural eclecticism. The interior has the features of modern classics, but at the same time the laconic utilitarianism of the decoration also speaks of the presence of the spirit of American classics. Yes, the design is fully functional: in every detail you can feel the desire for convenience and comfort. However, this utilitarianism is comprehensively thought out, because the customer demands not only comfort, but also aesthetics of the interior. Here the selection of details is very interesting, and the organization of living space is ideally planned for family living and reception of guests - in every corner of it reigns a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

What dictated the choice of this concept? We did not pursue the goal of creating a stylistically consistent design within the framework of a single direction - it was more important in this case to follow the tastes of the customers. They are a young married couple with a young son. They both work in the legal field. It so happens that they are very similar in character and are in solidarity in their interior preferences. It was a pleasure to work with them: there were practically no disputable, difficult to solve situations in the process of cooperation, as the customers came to us already having some of their own ideas and considerations.

The main task was formulated as follows: "We want a light, clean design without pathos and excesses". Restraint - this quality is inherent not only in the interior, but also in the owners of the apartment. And yet, when there are too many light shades in the color composition of the design, it looks a bit impersonal: the whiteness is enlivened by the textile of the original turquoise shade and other decorative details.

Entrance hall and hall - places where there is always a lack of natural sunlight. But a competently planned system of electric lighting, as well as skillful selection of finishing materials completely solved this problem. White and mirrored surfaces reflect light, multiply it, so the lamps of low power is enough for the hall does not look gloomy. In addition, despite its compact size, the hallway looks quite spacious, which is also a great merit of the design. There are no open hangers, shelves or shelving units: we have removed everything unnecessary and replaced it with one large built-in closet. This is the best solution for storing things when space is at a premium. The cupboard acts as a general closet and also soundproofs the wall.

The living room, combined with the kitchen and dining room, is the most fashionable option for today's open layout. By doing away with unnecessary walls, we can create a single space, the dimensions of which allow you to breathe fully. Everyone likes large halls. Everyone feels comfortable in them - but if we're talking about an apartment where a family with a child lives together, a combined living room is a must. Nothing strengthens the bonds of kinship like joint leisure hours. However, so that the households do not embarrass each other, there should be a lot of common space, and it must be zoned taking into account the needs of each family member. As in the hall, light tones are chosen for the color design here: milky white, delicate turquoise. The lighting system is also remarkable: at first glance it seems that there are too many lamps! They are everywhere, and so different... In fact, individual illumination of each functional area of the room is a common and many times justified practice. This allows the owner to adjust the lighting in the living room to his taste at any time of the day.

Another remarkable detail of the architectural solution of the whole apartment are the columns. Initially the apartment was a large open space with many supporting columns. As a result of a long search in the layout it was suggested to leave only one column and hide the rest in the walls. So the surface of this single column in the living room was "veiled" with mirrors from floor to ceiling, which allowed to dissolve this architectural detail in the space: it is almost invisible to the eye.

The study changes the general rule of color design of the apartment: here we see a noble combination of beige and brown. The head of the family wished to add color to his office. In the design of working areas tandem shades of coffee with milk and dark chocolate is now the most common, because this combination looks representative and moderately strict, but quite home-like cozy. Here you can immediately feel the male character - yes, this is the personal space of the strong half of the couple. Unlike his wife, the customer is a bit of an adventurer at heart, and a more expressive contrasting color scheme better suits his worldview. The study is small in size, but this is not striking, as its design is not overloaded. There is only the necessary minimum of furniture, very simple finish, textiles without any decorative excesses - this is how the key issue of organizing workspaces in residential apartments is solved: let every meter be used wisely, and then the office will be truly comfortable.

The children's room, as a child's bedroom should be, is filled with light and positivity. Pay attention to the design of the sleeping place: on the first floor there is a bed for sleeping, and the second floor is reserved for games. What kid does not dream of his own nest, where you can hide when you want to be alone? Your own little "house" in the heart of the parent's apartment, made according to the designer's individual sketch! In addition, the "house" provides a lot of drawers for storing things, which eliminates the use of bulky shelves and cabinets. The workplace in the nursery is worthy of separate words: a table resembling a school desk - it is both ergonomic and original. The room has two large windows, which means that it is bright enough to play and study from morning to evening.

Area: 174 square meters.

Location: Barkli Virgin House

Project author: Maria Borovskaya